Live stream links for EPYG sports

All the 8 sports in the EPYG will be streamed live



Goalball (with English commentary)

Wheelchair Basketball (with English commentary)

Table Tennis (streamed table number 1)

Boccia (streamed court number 1)

Judo (with English commentary)

Showdown (one stream room, Room 2)

Share the best moments with us

The plan is to create short clips for the EPYG social media channels from the streams; the best celebrations, the tightest goal-line finishes, the most amazing saves in goalball, the most awesome long-range shots in wheelchair basketball and so on.

During the Games, if you witness something amazing or touching or otherwise worth showing to a larger audience, please let us know so we can clip it to our social media channels!

This is how it works:

  1. Notice something great when watching the EPYG
  2. Send a Whatsapp message to number +358 45 136 8695 or e-mail to
  3. In your message:
    • tell what event it was (eg. wheelchair basketball match Finland–Ireland)
    • try to limit the time window as well as you can (eg. about 2 minutes before the end)
    • let us know what was the thing you want us to clip (eg. long ball rally in a table tennis match or goal-line clearance in goalball)