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The official invitation and registration forms has been published and sent to all EPC member nations.

The second entry form has been send out to those nations who has return the first entry form. The deadline for second entry (entry by name) is 24th of April 2022.

In case you didn’t receive the invitation package please contact

At the moment we can’t accept any late entries. We will check the situation after the deadline of the second entry (24th of April).


First step: 19th of December 2021. Fill out the first part of the official declaration form (first entry), by indicating the number of confirmed participants. After returning the first entry, we will send your NPC an invoice of the first 30% non-refundable payment. Payment terms: seven days after date of invoice.

Second step: 24th of April 2022. Fill the final list of participants accompanied by travel and accommodation details (second entry). After returning the second entry we will send your NPC an invoice of the final 70% payment of the total entry fee. Payment terms: seven days after date of invoice. 

The LOC must receive the invoiced amounts in full. This means that all bank fees are responsibility of the payer. 


Traveling to Finland

In case you need help booking flights, our partner Menestys travel will be happy to help you.

+358 30 621 9410


No form of advertising or publicity may appear in any form whatsoever on clothing, accessories or, more generally, on any item of clothing or piece of equipment worn or carried by the delegations and organisers during EPYG, with the exception of the manufacturer’s identification and logo. All violations of the provisions of this clause shall lead to disqualification and the withdrawal of the accreditation of the person concerned.

The only exceptions are a graphics or graphics elements of the manufacturer ́s brand identification that may exceed the restricted size; e.g. three stripes (and similar cases of “commercial brand graphics element”) as well as other Product Technology Identifications such as “Goretex” and Dryfit” and similar cases having direct relation to the clothing identification.

The official uniforms of the NPC may include:

  • Symbols of the country (name of the country, national flag, emblem, etc.)
  •  Emblem of the NPC
  •  Logo of the event (EPYG22)
  •  Emblem of the respective National Sport Federations

Please note that the NPC is responsible for the appearance of the official uniforms.

Covid-19 protocol for EPYG22

Updated 12.4.2022

In order to organize a safe tournament for everyone, we need to follow the Covid-19 restrictions of Finnish health authorities very carefully. Please note that this protocol might change before the event.

As outlined in each section, rules apply in the 14 days before you travel, during your journey, throughout your time in Finland and until your arrival at home – including always wearing a face mask, washing your hands, and using hand sanitiser regularly.

Rules are subject to change

Any changes in the regulations, as well as orders and input from national or regional health authorities, will be continuously included and updated here.

Travelling to Finland

For the latest instructions to arriving to Finland:

As part of the border control, the authority checks travel documents, including passports or personal identity documents. The authorities may also check health-related documents, including:

• Vaccination certificates, recovery certificates, or test certificates.

Outside of EU/Schengen area

The following requirements apply to foreigners entering Finland from outside of the EU and Schengen area:

• a certificate of a full approved COVID-19 vaccination series, OR
• a certificate of having had the COVID-19 disease and one approved COVID-19 vaccine, OR
• an EU Digital COVID Certificate for a COVID-19 disease had less than six months ago.

• These requirements apply to those born in or before 2006.

In case you don’t have any of these certificates you have to present at the border a negative Covid-19 test result of less than 72 hours old. Both a PCR or Antigen test is accepted.

EU or Schengen area

There are no entry restrictions when arriving from these countries. Please note that all persons arriving in Finland are still bound by the obligations stated in the Communicable Diseases Act.


FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

During the competition

Masks MUST be worn at all times. It is requested not to travel or move around if you feel unwell, fatigue, cold symptoms, fever, coughing, and in more severe cases shortness of breath which are COVID-19’s most common symptoms. In case you experience any of the symptoms above you must inform the organizers immediately and stay in your room for further instructions.

Observe the rules of cough hygiene and regularly wash your hands with soap/ warm water or hand disinfectant.

Persons who might face symptoms of flu, covid-19 etc. during the event will be tested by health specialists. LCLO will inform CdM/team leader about test schedule. The further steps in the process are based on the test result and these are communicated with CdM/team leader. Regional health authorities will order possible quarantine or isolation period, LOC can ́t influence to these.

Self –testing: It is very much recommended that in case of facing symptoms you first inform your team leader  and do antigen self test before contacting the LOC.

The LOC will carefully follow the national up-to-date restrictions and we will work together with Finnish Border Guard and local health authorities to secure a safe event for everyone. 

Please note that each nation is responsible for its potential costs of Covid-19 requirements (tests, quaranteens etc).